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Airmen recall their days at Turner AFB

The 31st Transportation Squadron from Turner Air Force Base reunited in Albany Friday. For some of them, it's been 54 years since they've seen each other.

Half a century ago, this used to be Turner Air Force Base, which later became Turner Field, a Naval Air Station. A lot of memories were made here, and today those veterans reminisced.

It has been 43 years since Wiley Cox and Earl Warren have seen each other.

"Even though things have changed quite a bit, it is still the same," says Earl Warren, Air Force Ret.

They were best friends when they were stationed at Turner Air Force Base more than 54 years ago.

And they are still joking around with each other, as if no time had past.

"He was a nice looking young man when he was 18, 19 years old, I do not know what happened since then," says Wiley Cox, Air Force Ret.

"Back in 1959, I introduced Wiley and his wife and one purpose for coming is to apologize to her and beg for her forgiveness," says Warren.

Warren drove 11 hours from Houston Texas to be here for the reunion.

Others drove even further, people came from Michigan and Vermont.

"We got together, we met out here at the mall, I said gosh it has been 54 years since we have seen these people," says James Way, Air Force Ret./ Reunion Organizer.

Even though the reunion is filled with laughter and memories, today is still bittersweet.

"It is going to be a sad day it really is because most of us are in our 70's and we are going away with sadness because we know we will never see each other again, probably," says Cox.

Warren and Cox will have to say their goodbyes too.

"I wish we could live in the same town," says Cox.

But for now they will have to stick to phone calls and emails.

The group took a tour here this afternoon to see what took the place of Turner Air Force Base. About 20 people from the transportation company from 1957 attended the reunion.

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