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Tips for staying safe at the ATM

A potentially vulnerable place, many ATM locations have qualities that crooks look for: isolation, lack of visibility and of course money.

"Even myself as a man I go to the ATM machine and I stay looking even as a police officer I 'm steady looking at what's all around me," says Lt. Thomas of Dougherty County Police Department.

Police know criminals sometimes target ATMs. That's what happened in Moultrie in July when a man was beaten and robbed while depositing money at night. But there are some safety tips to follow that could save your life.

The first is awareness

"You have to pay attention you cant just focus on the ATM machine and not focus on what's going on around you," says Lt. Thomas.

Another is to vary your schedule or routine so that crooks won't know your every move.

Also get your money and go!

"You don't want to get in and count your money after you get your money out go ahead and handle whatever business you may have at the ATM machine and drive off."

And Police warn you against using an ATM at night because darkness can be a thief's best friend.

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