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Albany Tech tackles illiteracy

One in every five American adults can't read well enough to thrive in the workplace, or even at home. Governor Nathan Deal designated this week Literacy Week in Georgia to try to change that.

Albany Technical College is trying to boost the literacy rate in south Georgia through its Adult Education Program.

This week is an opportunity to recognize that there is a large percentage of our country who are illiterate. More than 1.2 million Georgians are in need of adult education services.

Gloria Tucker dropped out of high school in 10th grade when she had her son. "Education is one of those things that I had a lack of, but now that I am in Adult Educational Program I am learning a lot of things that I did not know, really and truly the reading, the math."

After 37 years of being out of school, she is now attending Albany Tech to get her GED. "Went to get a job one day and someone asked me if I had mu GED or high school diploma and I could not say yes"

20 percent of the American population are not able to read well enough to cope successfully in the work field.

"A great deal of people do not have the ability to do basic skills instruction. We understand that reading is deficient," said Adult Education V. P. Linda Coston.

She attributes the high illiteracy rate to the high dropout rate. "We as a nation, we are behind as it relates to individuals finishing high school"

Heidi Summerlin was 17 when she dropped out of high school. She says she was "living week to week, pay check to pay check, it has been a real struggle"

She has been going back to school to be a good role model to her daughter. "I want to show her that it is important, that you cant get anywhere without an education"

Jimel Ruff says his reading ability has improved immensely since he began at Albany Tech. "Trying to do what I need to do to get my life on track"

And Gloria Tucker says her reading has improved as well since she enrolled in the Adult Education Program. "Jobs are not just going to fall into your lap today, you gotta work for it."

And by working on basic skills like reading and mathematics, she is also working towards obtaining her GED.

Albany Technical College serves those in need of adult education in seven counties.

  • Click HERE to get more information about the Adult Education services offered at Albany Tech.


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