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Homeowner sues county over flooding

Rachel Sullivan is suing the county after her home was destroyed by a flood. Rachel Sullivan is suing the county after her home was destroyed by a flood.

Rachel Sullivan is suing the county after her home was destroyed by a flood. She says negligence on the county's behalf is to blame for the flooding, after a county maintained drain pipe was breached. The county says not so fast...

Sullivan says the county was aware of the flooding situation near Radium Springs and did nothing to prevent a disaster. She is still fixing up her Mockingbird Drive home after being flooded back in 2009.

"It has suffered a lot of damage. I lost a lot of personal property and furniture. I even lost a car," said Sullivan.

Sullivan is now suing Dougherty County for more than $128,000 for damages and another $50,000 for loss of home value.

Sullivan says a nearby holding pond was doing its job in holding the flood water, but when a drain pipe was breached, that's when Sullivan says the flood water came rushing to her home.

She blames the county for negligence, saying county officials knew the area had flooding problems in the past and nothing was done to prevent it.  "I believe the county is completely responsible due to the fact that they knew about the nuisance since at least 1998," said Sullivan.

We tried to get a response from the county. The public works director and county attorney referred all questions to Carothers and Mitchell, a law firm in Buford handling the case for the county.

Attorneys there did not return our phone calls. In court papers, they claim, "The plaintiff's damages, if any, were caused by an act or acts of God and not by any action or inaction on the part of the defendant."

Sullivan disagrees with the attorney and says there is no doubt in her mind the county is responsible. Sullivan has moved back into her house since the flood. She says there's still a lot of work to be done.

"I'm back in it but I still haven't recovered completely from the flood," said Sullivan. Sullivan wants to put this chapter behind and return to her normal life.

Defense attorneys even went on to say in court papers that if there are any damages to the Sullivan's property it was by her own doing.

Several other homes were flooded along that road and they have also filed paperwork to sue the county.


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