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UPDATE: Deputy awaits bullet removal, suspect in ICU

suspect Philip Bevard is still in ICU in Tallahassee suspect Philip Bevard is still in ICU in Tallahassee

GRADY COUNTY (WALB) - It was a chaotic scene on a Grady County highway Monday afternoon.

A deputy was hit by a truck driven by a fleeing suspect and shot by a fellow officer. That suspect, who has a history of violence against police, also got shot.

As of Tuesday morning, both Investigator Daniel Singletary and the suspect Philip Bevard are still in the hospital.

Bevard is in critical condition in the ICU at Tallahassee Memorial.

Singletary is going to be OK, but doctors are waiting for his leg to heal before they can remove the bullet which ricocheted from an officer's weapon. They are worried about damaging an artery if they remove it too soon.

It all started when deputies got word that a stolen truck was in the area of Highway 188 near Cairo.

"This went on for several hours trying to find him. We finally spotted him off of Highway 188 pulling into someone's yard," said Grady County Sheriff Harry Young.

Phillip Lamont Bevard was behind the wheel of a stolen Dodge Dakota.  He had only been out of jail a few days on charges he assaulted a police officer at the Thomas County Jail.

When he pulled into the driveway, Young says a bail bondsman tried to block him in. That's when Bevard rammed the bondsman's truck three times.

Tire marks show where Bevard drove through a ditch to get onto Highway 188 where deputies and state troopers were waiting for him.

"He got pretty well blocked in at one point. Daniel Singletary exited his vehicle. He told him to get out of the vehicle and show his hands. At that point he (Bevard) locked the doors, rolled the windows up and gunned the truck hitting my officer," Young said.

The impact spun Deputy Singletary around. He fired off a couple of shots as other deputies and troopers opened fire as well, Young said. 

Several rounds hit the truck. At least three striking Bevard in the shoulder. Deputy Singletary was also hit by what's believed to be friendly fire.

"A bullet hit the concrete and ricocheted into his leg. Because we did not find any weapons in the vehicle other than him trying to do vehicular homicide with his vehicle. And that's why shots were fired at that point," Young said.

The GBI is now in charge of the investigation and spent several hours Monday evening reconstructing the scene.

But the sheriff says he feels confident his deputies and state troopers did what had to be done to stop the man who has a history of violence against the police.

"There's no doubt he could have done something a lot more dangerous than what he did," Young said.

The GBI is reviewing dash cam video of the incident which is being held as evidence in the investigation.


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