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AC units now need burglar alarms

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Metal thieves continue to do thousands of dollars in damage to Albany business and home owners air conditioning units. One Albany business owner is recommending others get an alarm system like he installed on his air conditioning system, even though a thief tore up his unit early this morning.

The alarm summoned Police, who saw the crook running away as they arrived.

Willie Peters, owners of Peters Performance on Sands Drive, said the alarm on his air conditioner that summoned Police this morning is well worth the money, and urges others to get one.

Even though the thief destroyed his air conditioner, he is happy that he did not get away with the copper.

The metal thieves tore up Willie Peters air conditioner behind his business on Sands Drive just before 3:00 AM. Something Peters says every Albany business owner has to be concerned about. 

"It's always frustrating because you are always worried about somebody stealing air conditioners. And it's not if it's going to happen. It's when."

 This is the second time in a little more than one year that Peter's business AC unit has been stripped, and he estimates the damage at about $16,000. But this time he took steps to catch the crooks.

"My AC has a wireless type alarm system on it. And once you cut the wire the alarm goes off. And it's a silent type alarm. So it gave Police time to get here, and almost catch the vandals in the process."

As APD officers pulled up, they saw a man jump over a fence and run across the sand dunes-- he got away in the dark. Police say as more people hook their air conditioner to their burglar alarm system, it is helping fight metal theft.

"Yes it is. Actually we have some churches on the east side that it has helped out. The alarm works with your system just like any other alarm. As soon as they tamper with their air conditioner, it automatically notifies the police," said Detective Tim Harvey.

Peters said even though his air conditioner was destroyed, he was glad that the crooks did not get his copper. Peters said, "They did not get away with any properties. All the items that they took are still here. And they also left their bolt cutters. So maybe police can get some real good prints from them."

Peters recommends these air conditioner alarm systems for all business and home owners. He and Police say if more people got them, metal thieves might have to find something else to do besides destroying air conditioners for a couple of bucks.

Peters says his air conditioner alarm system only costs him ten dollars more a month for the wireless system, and he and Police highly recommends it to fight the metal thefts plaguing Albany.

Albany Police will host a Security Seminar September 24th at the Albany Civic Center, from 10 until 2.

Police will be giving business and homeowners help in securing their property, and protecting them from thieves.


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