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South Georgians react to President's speech

Treva Johnson Treva Johnson
Jim Wiggins Jim Wiggins
Patricia Collins Patricia Collins

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Georgia's Unemployment Rate is 10.1 percent, a full point above the national average.

Thursday night President Obama laid out his "American Jobs Act" that he says will send thousands back to work through tax cuts and other incentives.

And with the United States on the brink of another recession, the country's patience is running thin. "Well I think the government should intervene in small ways in that monetary control, monetary policy that type stuff. I think this administration has already shown they're not good at doing that," said Thomasville Resident Jim Wiggins.

Other citizens believe the government needs to help in larger ways to save the working class. "I really feel that the government does need to do something because there are so many people out of work losing everything they have and it's not getting any better. People aren't getting raises. They can't do anything and it's just terrible," said Thomasville Resident Patricia Collins.

The Georgia Department of Labor is ready to help anyone who is out of work. "We assist them with job search planning, resume preparation, interviewing skills. We do workshops every Wednesday," said Career Advisor Treva Johnson.

Johnson says if there were more re-training programs, more people could find work. "Most of the people that come in to file claims worked in the production type settings and so a lot of the plants are closing so maybe if we can refer them to training to get additional training than they can find some more work."

Johnson says another major issue is finding a job in your particular field. "Some of the applicants are frustrated because they can't find work especially in the same field they were working in before. But they still seem to be a little bit motivated to come in and look for a job."

Some Thomasville residents agree with the President's message about immediate action. "They just really need to do something and it needs to be today not a year down the road," said Collins.

Johnson says The Georgia Department of Labor has 53 career centers across the state, all ready to help you find work.

The President took his 447 billion dollar jobs plan on the road Friday, beginning a fall offensive in support of his proposal.

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