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9/11 decade brings increased police presence

You may notice a greater police presence around south Georgia on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. The government has warned of specific, credible threats to New York and Washington this weekend.

There's no indication terrorists would strike here, but police want you to be vigilant.

Albany Police say they'll be more visible in higher traffic areas like the Albany Mall and they're asking citizens to report anything suspicious.

As people attend 9/11 remembrance ceremonies this weekend in New York City, Washington DC, and right here in south Georgia, there's a heightened alert that another attack could be coming. Creditable threats have law enforcement and citizens here in south Georgia on alert.

"I think they're still after New York City and trying to get in there and do more damage," Ray Hinman. "If you don't remain vigilant then you're going to get blind sided again."

But is a threat even conceivable here in Albany? Decades ago, Albany was among the enemy's top potential targets in the nation because of the capability to land B-52's at Turner Air Field.

"We actually had missile batteries around our community, the remnants, one of them can still be seen, it's nothing more than a bunker, our on the Turner golf course," said EMA Deputy Director Jim Vaught.

Albany could still be a target with the Marine Corps Logistics Base and the work they do to support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. At MCLB the security level was upped to Bravo earlier in the week.

 "The last few days its been harder and harder to get on the base, even with the proper identification," said Bill Burger.

That's why Albany Police will be more visible this weekend. Chief John Proctor and other law enforcement urge citizens to report anything that seems suspicious.

"People taking pictures of odd things around town, people that just look out of place, give the police department a helping hand and call 911," said retired police officer Barney Knighton.

Homeland Security has identified 62 areas around the country that are at risk to a terrorist attack. Emergency responders say with Warner Robbins to our north and Moody Air Force Base to our south, we can't afford to think we're not at risk in south Georgia.

Emergency Officials remind residents, a terror attack doesn't have to be of foreign nature, they say there's always a risk of a domestic terrorism event. Coming up tonight at 7:00 on WALB ABC we'll have more on how local emergency responders prepare for a hazardous materials or terrorist attack.

Local Emergency Managers say a hazardous materials risk is one of the top four risks to the community.

They say that could be a result of an accident or an attack.


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