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A morning walk with Dorothy Hubbard

Hubbard announced for office in April Hubbard announced for office in April

Dorothy Hubbard has sat around the city commissioners table, making decisions for Albany since 2005. And now she wants to be mayor. "I love this place. It's home," she said. 

Hubbard was born in Americus, but lived and worked in Albany, at ASU. "My passion was working with the young people. I loved and enjoyed my work with them," she said. 

At ASU, she was a Director of Admissions and Registrar until retiring in 1999, that's when her political life started. "I have students walk up to me and say, you helped me get in school. You also helped me get a job," she said. 

Hubbard has been Ward 2 Commissioner for about five years, and served on several boards in the city. "My husband always says, we give back because we're blessed. The more you give the more you receive," said Hubbard. 

If she's elected mayor, fighting crime is at the top of her list. "I'm going to always be looking at crime stats to see where we are. We are going to work toward getting and using the SPLOST funds that were allocated to the police department," said Hubbard. 

She's already working on the solution to Albany's high unemployment. "I understand our unemployment is high. But we have to change our way of acting and thinking in order to be ready when the jobs are available," said Hubbard. 

Hubbard says her prior political experience, is an addition to what she brings to the table. "I think that's an advantage for me, because I won't have to learn. I already know the players, and what they do in the city," she said.

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