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Albany teacher reflects on 9/11 terror

Deutsche Bank on Sept.11 Deutsche Bank on Sept.11
Front view of Noble-Jones' office building - Deutsche Bank Front view of Noble-Jones' office building - Deutsche Bank

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - On that terrible day 10 years ago, an Albany woman was a financial industry executive working at ground zero.

She watched the terror unfold and made it out safely. She used those terrible sights as motivation to lead a life of service and now molds the live of young people.

Charlice Noble-Jones is a busy woman. When she's not teaching Social Studies at Lamar Reese Magnet School. she's coaching cheerleaders at Hilsman Park. 10 years ago Noble-Jones was a wall street exec, never dreaming she'd be back in her hometown until she arrived to work one Tuesday morning.

"One second, one moment can change your life forever," said Noble-Jones.

September 11, 2001, Noble-Jones didn't see the first plane hit the north tower, but as soon as she stepped off the subway, she looked up and saw the second one hit the south tower. That was the tower that was connected to her office-Deutsche Bank.

"I can't describe it," said Noble-Jones. "It was one sound I'll probably never hear again. You heard the engines but knew they were too close."

All she could do was run away from the smoke and debris.

"I was toppled over, run over, kicked, pulled down," Noble-Jones.

In the middle of panic, one memory never escaped her mind."

"As I was running away, there were firefighters running towards the scene and I will never forget it," Noble-Jones added.

She walked four hours from her office on Liberty street to her home on 125 street  covered in blood with no shoes on.  She still has a scar from a piece of metal that got stuck in her ankle.

Through mental and physical wounds, Noble-Jones knew God had granted her a second chance.

"Now that I've been given this second lease on life, I want to devote it to children," Noble-Jones note.

She's teaching her kids part of the very history she lived 10-years ago, and her cheerleaders count on her for guidance and support five days a week on this field.

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