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Sak Marine Company restarts Caravelle Powerboats


Lots of jobs are returning to a South Georgia plant that had shut down.

In November, Sak Marine Company restarted Caravelle Powerboats manufacturing operations in Americus.

Sak Marine welcomed Americus and Sumter County officials to tour the plant today.

Caravelle Powerboats has been located in Americus since 1986.

Once in full production, Caravelle Powerboats will be providing the Americus community nearly 200 new jobs.

Eugene Sak welcomed Americus officials to tour Sak Marine Company.

The Sak brothers restarted Caravelle Powerboats manufacturing operations.

"The people that have been in Americus building boats for the last 25 years, their craftsmanship has shown in the intensive labor it takes to build a boat," says Eugene Sak, Sak Marine President.

They produce about 3 boats every day and since reopening, they have produced 158 boats.

"We are currently on pace to meet our goal of employing 50 at the end of this year, our long term goal is in 48 months to be over 200 employees," says Sak.

The Sak brothers purchased Caravelle Powerboats in November 2010 and wasted no time in resuming production.

"Caravelle had previously been operating here and had employed quite a number of our citizens and when they closed it created a deadline in our economy but with them reopening and employing our people, it is boosting our economy," says Barry Blount, Americus Mayor.

The trained workforce in Americus is why Eugene Sak says he decided to keep production in South Georgia.

"We have been able to rehire many many people that were with the caravel operations before," says Sak.

Caravelle Powerboats is the first American boat manufacturer that has received the Made in USA certification.

"85 percent of each boat component, product, or raw material came from the United States so it is an entire supply chain audit, it is not as though we just make it here and assemble parts from overseas, our parts actually originate in the United States," says Sak.

He says the United States stands out as a boat building nation.

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