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Vandals starting dangerous tire fires in East Albany

Vandals are creating a dangerous situation on Albany's east side by starting tire fires to get recyclable metal.

In the last several weeks, firefighters have responded to four tire fires in this area of East Broad Avenue near West Street.

Wednesday, they found 21 tires burning and as many as 40 others already burned.

Firefighters believe vandals are stealing golf cart and vehicle tires and burning them because the scrap yards won't accept the rims with the tires still on them.

"When a rim weights 30, 40 pounds, and you can get I think it's 50 cents a pound for the steel, that's 20 bucks if it weights 40 pounds, and it adds up in a hurry," said Sam Harris Albany Fire Department Arson Investigator.

Firefighters say the tires set one structure on fire and release dangerous fumes.

When the vandals heard the sirens, they ran into a wooded area.

Code enforcement and Albany police are investigating.

City officials confiscated the remaining rims so the vandals couldn't profit from their crime.

If you know anything about the fires, call CrimeStoppers at 436-TIPS.

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