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Shooting hoops with Coach Jesse Massey

Coach Jesse Massey's head has always been in the game. "I've coached all the sports you can name Basketball, Football, Track and Field."

He wears his 1998 Championship ring with pride, after winning it at Dougherty High. But it's the Mayor's seat he's after next. "When you're making shots and winning the coach isn't going to pull you out. If you're hitting one for ten, it's time to have a seat," said Massey. 

Albany is his home turf, because he was born and raised here . He graduated from the Dougherty County School System.

Massey is a retired teacher and Coach, who's worked with Albany's youth for years, but does that qualify him to be Mayor? "It's time to take what I've been doing to the next level. We have to make sure, we do positive things to make this city grow," he said. 

For now, Coach cleans up the city, through stop the violence and the NYSP summer program."Everybody has to know the play that we're running, because it involves everyone," said Massey. 

Here's the Coach's play for crime in the city. "My thing is if we do a lot of summer programs, that gives kids an entity to go out and perform well."

The lack of jobs in Albany, is something he'll take on with a zone defense. "We gotta make sure that we tie in the industry with the job market we supply."

What happens if you're the mayor and you miss a shot? "Then I have to recover and do some research. We have go to work together to make this thing work," said Massey.

Coach Massey is registered as a Democrat in the mayor's race.

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