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Three popular bars close their doors permanently

Many people who like to enjoy a little night life agree Albany needs more choices.

Nightlife regular, Chandler Dabbs says, "Because Albany is kind of a small town we don't have a lot going on."

Another regular Chris Hatcher says," Just give us a little something to do, what else do we have?"

Unfortunately, the city now has fewer options: One Trick Pony, The Crow Bar, and the only remaining Beef O'Brady's all shut down over the weekend.

It's a hit to the economy but some people say the closures also hurt the area's quality of life.

"Albany's a really small town and there isn't much going on. Any time two of your major establishments are closed, it can be a damper on the community," says Dabbs

But it could provide a push for the downtown area to focus on establishing a true and consistent nightlife.

"But that just means that there is an opportunity for someone else to fill that void, as a whole, for downtown to be vibrant and it's very important," says Downtown Manager Aaron Blair.

If that void isn't filled many Night Owls say Albany nights will be a lot less fun.

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