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Digging Deeper: GA, Albany unemployment numbers

Georgia's top democrat fears Georgia could lose another 225,000 jobs next year if a balanced budget amendment proposed by Republicans is passed.

Job plans will likely be discussed at the GOP Presidential Debate Wednesday and President Obama will unveil his jobs plan Thursday.

Georgia's unemployment rate tops the national average at 10.1 percent, the same as south Georgia's and just slightly below Albany's unemployment rate.

Every day, people pour into the Georgia Department of Labor's Albany Career Center in search of a new job. Many, including Ron Ford, will be watching this week to see what national politicians including the President have to say about job prospects.

"He seems to have a good plan in the works and he looks like he may have a good idea about what will happen," said Ron Ford, a job seeker.

Labor officials point out there are nearly a hundred jobs available right now in the Albany area.

"Our job listings change every day, some jobs get filled and new jobs get posted. We encourage everyone to check the web site several times during the week, if not every day," said Catherine Hogg, Georgia Department of Labor Albany Career Center Assistant Director.

With more than eight-thousand in south Georgia unemployed, many are applying for the same jobs. That's why labor officials encourage job seekers to consider what transferable jobs skills they may have.

"You need to be able to be diverse in your skills and utilize the opportunities that do come up, it may not necessarily be what you originally trained for but those skills can carryover into another field," said Hogg.

Digging deeper we learned the Department of Labor predicts job openings will be there for computer software engineers, registered nurses, dental hygienists, nursing aides, and supervisors of retail workers. We also learned Albany's top employers now include Albany State University, MillerCoors, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, Procter & Gamble, and Teleperformance USA. Employers may now want your resume sent electronically, but many still require a hand written application, that could tell an employer a lot about you.

"Employers want to see how people write and that people can fill out the applications," said Hogg.

Ultimately job seekers know this isn't a good time to be changing jobs, but some like Ron feel the market maybe turning around and while they might not find a dream jobs right now, it may be just around the corner.

President Barack Obama will unveil his jobs plan to the nation Thursday night at 7:00 PM. You can see it both on our NBC and on our ABC channel.

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