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GA firefighters salute NYFD

South Georgia Firefighters are remembering their fallen comrades, on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America. The Albany Fire Department has erected a special memorial in front of their headquarters, to make sure the community will not forget.

Like most firefighters across the country, the 9/11 attacks had a very special meaning for Albany's firefighters. They consider the New York city firefighters, killed when the World Trade Center towers collapsed, as heroes-- not to be forgotten.

But the Albany firefighters went one step further, wanting to honor all the other firefighters killed in the line of duty since.

Tuesday night the firefighters erected the crosses they made into a memorial on the lawn in front of their headquarters station. Captain Billy Davis remembers the 9/11 attacks, watching on TV at Station 7. 

 "I'll never forget that day, being right here at work at the fire station. Thinking about the other firemen. Watching them going into the building. Thinking that possibly could have been us," Davis said.

Ten years ago those New York City firefighters bravely went into the burning towers to try to rescue survivors, an act of courage that ended in tragedy, that firefighters across the country says need to be remembered on this, the tenth anniversary of their deaths.

 "In 9/11, the New York City firefighters conducted themselves with honor. And they exemplified a level of professionalism we all strive to be one day,"  Albany Fire Chief James Carswell said.

But the Albany Firefighters today also erected one larger cross in the memorial, to honor the approximately 1000 firefighters that have died on the job since 9/11. "It kind of exemplifies what we do everyday. Firefighters lose their lives across the country everyday in little small towns, in small numbers. And it doesn't get the same recognition,"  Carswell said.

So the Albany Firefighters made their field of crosses memorial to honor all the firefighters who have lost their lives in line of duty in the last ten years, something they are glad to share with the community.

Davis said "It is very special. And it leaves my mind remembering, just as it does everyone else. What occurred on 9/11."

Albany Firefighters say their memorial is just their way to honor their fallen brothers. And to help the community never forget.  "It has changed the way we will do things from now on. Of course the New York City firefighters exemplify what we all stand for," Carswell said.

 Albany Firefighters say that is a sense of pride in their community and country, and wanting to help other people in need.

The Albany firefighters made all 344 crosses themselves. You can see the memorial in front of their headquarters on North Jackson Street. 

Also to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the Exchange Club of Albany will present their annual Firefighter of the Year award this Friday.


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