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Hot tea and doughnuts with B. J. Fletcher

Over hot tea and doughnuts, B. J. Fletcher talked about her plans if she's elected mayor of Albany. 

Fletcher was Born in Albany, but called Valdosta home for 40 years. She's been back in the good life city for 12. "When I look at the bridge, I was born here, so I see history," said Fletcher.

She also sees the office of Mayor in her Future. Billy Joe doesn't have a college degree but has majored in life. "College wasn't an option for me, it was get out and make a living," said Fletcher.

Some would say she's done pretty well, starting 5 downtown businesses and employing about 140 people. But how does that qualify her to be mayor?

"You've got to look at what I did to bring the small businesses here. What's the difference between that and running the city? " said Fletcher.

Here's B. J.'s thoughts on crime in the city. "I want to let the department heads do their job. I think Chief proctor is doing a fantastic job."

What about the long lines at the unemployment office? "We better started doing something about these small businesses. You let them lay off one person each, we'll be at 13 percent unemployment in no time.

On the campaign trail, racial lines in the city is something that's only whispered about. "They're not going to vote for me because I'm white or against me because of it either. The people I see, with hard working hands everyday are going to vote the issues."

However, if the voters decide to go in a different direction, She plans to still be a huge part of the community.

"I ask them to really look at the issues. And if that happens, I'll be the next Mayor,"said Fletcher.

Fletcher is running as a Republican but says she votes across party lines.

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