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Digging Deeper: Standoff Shooting

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The GBI continues to investigate a standoff in Moultrie that ended with an officer injured and the suspect dead.

Police were called to 51-year old Walter Wayne Peterson's home around ten o'clock Monday morning.

Peterson barricaded himself inside.

Police brought in a negotiator and were trying to put a cell phone in the home to communicate with Peterson when he lunged with a knife and an officer opened fire.

Family members were back at Walter Wayne Peterson's home, looking for answers to what happened with police and SWAT Team member that left the man they knew as Uncle Wayne dead.

"We are wanting to know exactly what happened. We don't know what went on in the house people were outside speculating, looking in, but we don't know what went on in the house," said Louis Shealey, Peterson's nephew.

That's what the GBI is working to learn as well. Today they were limited on what they would tell us.

"I'm not going to release the name of the officer and If I talk about who was injured and who fired and all of that I kind of release the name at that point because you kind of know who went to the hospital," said GBI Special Agent in Charge in Thomasville Steven Turner.

We do know that one officer was injured when he fell and struck his head on the concrete on the rear porch of the home. Investigators say they were trying to slip a cell phone in the front door not confront Peterson when he confronted them. Investigators say while they can't comment on this incident, officers are justified in shooting when their lives are in danger.

"Officers are trained to shoot, if you're going to fire the weapon you're shooting for the middle to the torso to stop whoever is coming at you," said Turner.

Investigators say they're still looking into why efforts to tase Peterson didn't work. Family members want answers to that question as well.

"I still think it could have been done in a different manner. I don't think the situation calls for the death of someone," said Shealey.

GBI agents couldn't say how long their investigation would take, just that it will be turned over to the District Attorney who will ultimately determine what charges will be filed if any.

Peterson's body was sent to the Crime Lab today for investigation. Most of his family lives in Florida. They're hoping to talk with investigators tomorrow as they work on arrangements to bury Peterson.

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