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More details on fatal Moultrie standoff


Investigators now tell us SWAT officers tried to subdue a Moultrie man with a taser before they shot and killed him Monday.

Fifty-one year old Walter Wayne Peterson was killed at his home.

He was shot multiple times when he refused to surrender and lunged at SWAT officers with a butcher knife. One Moultrie Police Officer is now on administrative leave. We were there when that shooting happened. City officials won't comment until the GBI's investigation is complete, but family members we spoke with still have a lot of questions they want answered.

You can hear the sound of SWAT Team members taser, before you hear the five shots fired at Walter Wayne Peterson.

"When you're in a close range situation like that with some one with a knife it really doesn't matter if they've got mental issues or not if they're going to kill you they're going to kill you and you've got to do what you got to do," said GBI Special Agent in Charge in Thomasville Steven Turner.

Peterson's family is still trying to understand how a confrontation with police escalated...when a taser didn't work.

"When you're using a taser two prongs have to go in to complete the cycle of the charge and if that doesn't happen there's not going to be any affect," said Turner.

Family members say Peterson walked the streets keeping to himself and suffered from mental health issues.

"He was on medication, but I do understand he may not have been taking his medication," said Louis Shealey, Peterson's nephew.

Officers tried for two and a half hours to negotiate with Peterson and were not trying to confront him, just put a telephone in the house when they say he confronted officers for a second time.

"They tried to go up to the home in a safe manner and open the door and get the phone inside the home to see if the individual would pick up the phone to talk to them, but in the process they made contact with the individual again, who came at them again with a butcher knife," said Agent Turner.

Both police and family members are anxious for the results of the investigation, but family members wonder if their uncle's death might cause more strife in the community.

"Did it have to go and get this far so, when we have future situations when cops are involved does the community feel safe," said Shealey.

City officials wouldn't react to those comments when we contacted the City Manager, Police Chief, or City Commissioner for that Ward.

The GBI couldn't tell us today how long the investigation may take.

We're told Peterson lived by himself in the Seventh Street Northwest home. One officer was hurt during a fall during the standoff. We don't know the officer's name but we do know the officer was treated and released from Colquitt Regional Hospital.

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