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Two county car chase

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A manhunt continues tonight for a man who bailed out of a moving car after a police chase.

The chase ended here on Martindale Drive in Calloway Lakes just after 12:30.

The car crashed into a mailbox after the men jumped out.

21 year old Ronald Taylor was a passenger in the car and he arrested by drug agents.

The driver got away.

Officers tried to pull them over in Sasser, not long after they picked up a woman from the Terrell County jail.

The woman got out of the car before the chase ended.

"They jumped out here at the intersection and took off running, left the car rolling, that is when the car hit the mailbox, and the deputy from Terrell County stopped his car and got out and stopped the offenders car, to keep it from hitting a tree or going any further, causing anymore damage," says Reggie Rachals, Lee County Sheriff.

A K-9 unit was called in to search for the other man, who goes by T. Williams, but he has not been caught yet.

Deputies found drugs in the car.