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Man killed in Moultrie standoff


This was the scene Monday in Moultrie as an hour and a half standoff came to a close.

You could hear the crowd's reaction as SWAT team members shot and killed a man, Monday on 7th Street Northwest in Moultrie. 

"That was wrong and everybody know that was wrong. They know it was wrong. They can say what they want to say but I know that was wrong," said Angela Johnson.

The victim, Walter Peterson, was then taken to Colquitt Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Neighbors are in shock.

"That was an unjustifiable murder. It was unjustifiable and the people around me can justify that," said Letherrio Farrell.

Witnesses say it all started here, at a local convenience store after the victim was upset because he thought the cashier gave him the wrong amount of change.

Peterson then threw a brick through the store's window. That's when witnesses say the victim came back home.

Police tried to apprehend the victim, but he pulled a knife on them and then barricaded himself in his house.

That's when SWAT broke down the door and shot the victim. The community is outraged.

They want answers as to why the victim had to be shot.

"The only thing he did was throw a brick through a window at a store and that cost him his life. It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous," said Johnson.

"You all are probably going to have to beef up now because our people don't appreciate what you did to that man, for real. We don't appreciate that," said Farrell.

The community continues to mourn as the investigation into this police involved shooting continues.

So far, police have not released the names of the injured police officer or the officer who fired the fatal gunshots.

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