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Some labor on Labor Day

Tony Maples Tony Maples
Lloyd Clein Lloyd Clein
Chris Atkinson Chris Atkinson

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Labor Day is one of the few week days during the year where you will see an array of signs like these. The dreaded "closed" or "will return tomorrow".

But not every working individual had the luxury of taking today off. "EMS never really takes a holiday. We're here 24/7, 365."

Paramedics say today could even be busier than others. "Normally on Labor Day as on other holidays, we do see an increase in the traffic flow. Often we'll see an increase in the amount of traffic accidents we work," said Paramedic Training Officer Tony Maples.

While many restaurants choose to shut down on days like today, others remain open. "Seminole Wind as a matter of fact is open every day of the year except Christmas. We provide good home cooking for people who don't want to cook," said Morning Manager Lloyd Clein.

With the amount of kids out of school, and the number of adults not working today, Clein says they had to be open. "It's busier than a normal Monday. Not as busy as Mother's Day which is the busiest day of the year."

If your car broke down today, you may worry about what's open. "You're definitely always counting on somebody to be open to have the parts," said Retail Parts Specialist Chris Atkinson.

O'Reilly Auto Parts in Thomasville is another business open 364 days a year. "Some days it's slow on holidays and weekends and some days you never can tell. It comes in in spurts," said Atkinson.

Atkinson says they provide an essential service to the public. "It's dictated by the people's needs because if your car tears up, you gotta get it fixed."

We spoke with a few other Seminole Wind employees and none of them seemed to mind working on Labor Day.

They all say they'd almost rather work on holidays, because of how much money they stand to make.

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