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Teen injured on bike in hit and run accident

The Harrington family has lived on 9th avenue for almost six months and sixteen year-old Brian Harrington, or "Hoby" to his family, always enjoyed riding his bike around the neighborhood.

Brian Harrington says, "Actually I ride my bike back and forth to Taco Bell and Woodalls all the time."

But this Thursday when he decided to make a quick trip to the store would be one he will never forget. As he rode up 8th and North Harding he spotted a white SUV.

Harrington says, "I remember seeing the truck at the stop sign."

Brian  saw the vehicle swerve and speed up the road, and it was heading right for him. The SUV struck Hoby's bike, throwing him through the air. He blacked out after impact as the truck sped away, only to wake up on a stretcher with excruciating pain on his right side.

Hoby says, "On my whole right side I landed on my whole right side."

His mother, Dee Harrington, heard the news shortly after and finding him laying motionless on the side of the road, she thought the worst had happened.

Dee Harrington says, "He wasn't moving and there were seven EMT standing over him, and I thought he was dead."

Brian was rushed to the hospital and after many tests was deemed okay and lucky. The road is common for speeding and reckless driving.

Hoby says, "I don't remember impact, I don't remember flying through the air, and I didn't feel none of it."

But the scars will be a reminder forever.

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