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Let hunting season begin!

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - It's a busy holiday weekend for a lot of people, including hunters. As dove season begins, Department of Natural Resources officers urge hunters to be careful and follow safety rules.

Georgia's month-long alligator season also kicks off Saturday. Gator hunters will hit swampy areas and lakes.

They must enter a lottery before the season begins. They're randomly selected to get a permit, and each hunter can only harvest one gator.

"You get one tag," said DNR Ranger First Class, Ben Roberts. "The gator has to be at least four feet long. You can't just go out and shoot them. You have to use some kind of instrument with a string attached to it like a bow and arrow."

Hunters can also use a harpoon gun or fishing rods to hook gator. They can shoot the gator once they get it to their boat. For more information on hunting regulation, visit the Georgia DNR website.

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