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DCP will crack down this weekend

Melvin Drake is taking the unconventional route this year and celebrating Labor Day weekend at home.

"This year I decided to do the 'stay-cation' and stay at home, said Drake.

But for Roger Lumpkin and other drivers like him who will hit the roads this weekend, they better be on the lookout for heavier police presence. 

"We understand people are trying to get to their destination. We want to make sure they get there without it turning into a disaster or a tragedy," said Dougherty County Police Captain Tom Jackson.

Captain Jackson says the Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic, also known as H.E.A.T, will be out looking for drivers who may be putting the lives of others and themselves in danger.

"Enjoy your holiday weekend but please drive safely. We're not out here to harass you. We're just out here to make sure you don't hurt someone or yourself. If you want to party and have a good time, that's great. We like to have a good time too," said Captain Jackson.

Labor Day will mark the end of the "100 Days of Summer Heat", which began before Memorial Day.

Captain Jackson has some tips for those getting behind the wheel this holiday.

"Wear your seat belt, don't drive if you drink. If you're going to consume alcohol get somebody to drive for you," said Captain Jackson.

Although Drake will stay home, he wants everyone to be safe on the road.

"Definitely want to make sure everyone buckle up and stays safe. Have a designated driver. Be safe and do the right thing," said Drake.

Captain Jackson also wants to remind you that texting while driving is illegal in the state of Georgia and he stresses that driving under the influence can lead to fatal results.

Labor Day is one of the more dangerous holidays with an average of 544 fatalities nationwide since 1982.


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