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Albany raid nets property from many counties

Albany Fire Department Arson Investigator Sam Harris Albany Fire Department Arson Investigator Sam Harris
APD Detective Tim Harvey APD Detective Tim Harvey

Lee County Sheriff's Investigators have tied stolen items recovered in an Albany raid to at least four burglaries across South Georgia.

Investigators say items found in a home on Baldwin Drive in Albany Wednesday were stolen from a home in Webster County, two in Terrell County, and one in Lee County.

They're still going through all the loot.

One of the items recovered last night was a lap top computer stolen from an Albany law enforcement officer's home this week. And that computer was the key to busting what appears to be an active burglary ring.

Inside the Baldwin Drive home Investigators found more than ten thousand dollars in stolen items, including four big screen TV's, jewelry, lawn equipment, cameras, and a laptop that was stolen from Albany Fire Department Arson Investigator Sam Harris' home Monday.

 Harris said "My computer was actually sitting on the dining room table with ESPN, when they got there."

When Harris' wife bought the computer last year, she had a Lo Jack tracking device and carbonite systems backup installed in it. So when thieves starting using that computer just after it was stolen from Harris' home, their every keystroke was being recorded.

Harris said "This is their u-tube where they were going into it. This is their Suntrust bank account. Here he is on his facebook."

A law enforcement officer since 1988, Sam Harris was very upset about becoming a crime victim for the first time.

Harris said "When you find out that these people are looking at the screen saver of your children. And they don't care. They still go to their facebook pages and all, it's just a violation of you as a human being."

The computer allowed Lee County Sheriff's Investigators to track it to the Baldwin Drive house. They called in ADDU drug agents and AlbanyPolice since it was in Albany. Six to 8 adults in the house were questioned and released. Now Investigators believe they have found a wide ranging burglary ring.

Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals said " That's what we believe. This is an ongoing investigation, and we hope during this ongoing investigation to be able to return more of these stolen items to the owners. ".

Investigators say they found binoculars and two way radios, indicating lookouts were being used while breaking into homes. Harris said he highly recommends those computer tracking devices.

 Harris said "For 30 bucks, you've got it back. And you know those people went to jail, for violating your personal space. That makes it better than any 30 dollars could ever make it."

Harris had lawn equipment, jewelry, and that computer stolen in Monday's burglary, and most of it was recovered in the Baldwin Drive home. Lee County Sheriff's Investigators are still going through the recovered items, seeing where they were stolen from. 

Harris said he feels great that he was able to get his stolen items back, but he says he feels even better that Investigators are working to keep other people from being becoming burglary victims.

The Lee County Sheriff said Harris kept serial numbers for his stolen items and that helped them identify the items quickly and return them to him.


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