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Phoney C-Notes passed in Cordele


A regular customer at a Cordele nail salon was bold enough to pay with a 5-dollar bill that had been altered to look like a one hundred dollar bill.

The owner of the nail spa did not want to go on camera but he said he was surprised by the woman who passed the bogus buck-- a lady who's been going there for three years.

A worker at the Nail Spa in Cordele thought at first, but then she got suspicious and called the cops.

"The hologram in it didn't match the way it was supposed to. The bill was altered. It was originally a $5 bill made to look like a $100 bill," said Cordele Police Chief William Hooper.

Abraham Lincoln's face is in the hologram, not Ben Franklin's. Chief Hooper says whoever altered the bill cut the corners of the $5 bill and somehow glued paper to the bill and printed the $100 symbol. They also washed out Lincoln's face and printed Franklin's on the original bill paper, making it undetectable to counterfeit detector markers.

"It's more common now with the advances of technology with high end computers and laser printers and everything else," said Chief Hooper.

Chief Hooper says counterfeiting money is becoming more popular and the crooks are getting smarter. Crooks know which businesses are easier to target. "They'll hit some place that has high costumer volume because of the emphasis of the business to get the costumer in and out. It leaves little room for examination and they bill passed real quick."

Chief Hooper has a tip for cashiers. Use the sense of touch to detect bogus bucks. "Feel the money. The hardest thing to counterfeit in money is getting the paper right or getting the feel right," said Chief Hooper. If you are caught passing counterfeit money you may face jail time of one to ten years.

The fact that the lady has been coming in for three years makes him think the lady was given the bill by someone else and she honestly didn't know it was fake. 

Police are still looking for the woman who passed the bogus bill. They don't know her name and don't have detailed description.


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