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So. Georgians' Facebook pages copied for scam

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There is yet another scam out there to warn you about, and this one is on Facebook.  If you've been on Facebook at all today you've likely seen me ranting about this. 

Some creep is stealing profile pictures and creating fake profiles of people you know. Because it's someone you know, you accept the friend request, and then you will likely get a late-night message offering you lots of money.

All you have to do is send $700 for shipping.

So watch for suspicious conversations with people you think you know. I posted a link to the bogus profile that contacted me.

You can see it, and hopefully report it as a scam, when you go to our Facebook page: WALB News.

Oh, and if any of you get a Facebook friend request from me, ignore it. I promise you, it's not me.

Probably just a scammer who stole my picture!


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