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City of Thomasville provides post-Irene resources

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News release from the City of Thomasville-

THOMASVILLE, GA – August 29, 2011 – On August 28th, a team of City of Thomasville Utilities electric workers were sent to assist in the restoration of electric services in North Carolina, following Hurricane Irene.   

Five (5) workers, two (2) bucket trucks and one (1) pick-up truck were dispatched to Pinetops, NC early Sunday morning. City of Thomasville electric servicemen joined workers from other Electric City of Georgia (ECG) cities, to help restore power in several locations throughout the State.

"Once Electric Cities of Georgia (ECG) sent out a request for assistance, we responded with men and equipment," said Assistant City Manager – Utilities Don Atkinson. "Hurricanes can cause extensive damage to electric grids, which can quickly outpace a local utility's ability to make repairs. That is why it is very important to Thomasville Utilities that we provide aid, when possible, to our fellow cities."

The assistance is being coordinated through the Electric Cities of Georgia (ECG) mutual aid agreement.  This agreement provides for cities and towns to assist each other in restoration of services following storm damage. 

ECG's Superintendent of Safety and Training, Jon Beasley, is responsible for coordinating mutual aid efforts among the cities in Georgia. 

"We appreciate Thomasville's willingness to assist.  It's not just turning the lights back on. Repairing downed lines allows these communities affected by the storm to get back to their lives, their jobs, and their families," said Beasley.

This is the second time this year that City of Thomasville Utilities' workers have been sent aid to storm-stricken areas. In late April, Thomasville Utilities electric workers traveled to Chattanooga after a severe storm knocked power out for 80,000 Chattanooga Power Authority customers.

On Monday, Pinetops Town Administrator Greg Bethea, called Thomasville City Manager Steve Sykes to express appreciation for the hard work of the Thomasville Utilities electric crew and reported that Pinetop's largest employer would have their power restored by the end of the day.