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Flu vaccine will soon be available

Flu season is around the corner, and you will soon be able to get your flu vaccine.

A week from today, health departments in the Southwest Health District's 14 counties will begin offering the seasonal flu vaccine.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend an annual flu vaccine for everyone 6 months and older because it's the best way to protect yourself against influenza.

Shenatha Burns has been getting the flu shot for the last four years.

"Ever since I had the flu four years ago, I have been getting my shot," says Shenatha Burns, Albany resident.

And now that her son Abraham is old enough to get the vaccine, he will be receiving it yearly as well.

"Even with a cold it is bad, so the flu would be terrible and that I do not want," says Burns.

In one week, the Southwest Health District's 14 county health departments will begin offering seasonal flu vaccines.

At $25 per dose, Suzette Profit, Immunization Coordinator, recommends the vaccine and says it is worth the price.

"If you would get sick and have to go to the doctor, and buy the prescribed medicine, and you will also miss time from work, and the kids will be missing time from school," says Suzette Profit, Immunization Coordinator.

A person's immune protection declines over time, so even though the vaccine is the same as last year's, you still need to get it this year.

"The immunity wane after a certain time period so you have to boost your immunity by getting the vaccine annually," says Profit.

People with egg allergies should check with their doctors before getting vaccinated.

"We do encourage people that have an allergy to eggs to check with their physician to make sure it is okay to get it because of some of the proteins from eggs is actually used in the manufacturing of the flu vaccine," says Profit.

If the thought of getting a shot is keeping you from getting vaccinated, there is another option for you.

"We are offering the nasal vaccine as well which is made from a live weakened virus from influenza," says Profit.

The nasal spray vaccine is only approved for healthy people ages 2 through 49.

Everyone else will have to get an injection.

The injected vaccine and nasal spray form of the vaccine are both 25 dollars per dose.

Among those most at risk for complications from the flu are pregnant women, those with chronic diseases, healthcare workers, older adults, and babies.

For more information, contact your local health department.

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