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Human skull discovered in south Albany

ALBANY (WALB) - A startling discovery Monday afternoon in south Albany. A man looking for scrap metal opened a bag and found a human skull inside.

The skull was found Sunday afternoon on Front Street, a dirt road, which leads to the banks of the Flint River.

But the man who made the find said he thought the skull was fake and showed neighbors to get a second opinion.

"I thought it was fake because it looked like a Halloween looking thing.So we didn't think anything of it," said Arnece Berrien.

She may not have thought anything of it, but the man who found it got to thinking that it might be the real deal.

That's when police were called to the scene Monday and determined it was human remains.

"It weird because I touched it. It's kind of strange to me because now I'm probably going to have nightmares," Berrien said.

Detectives cordoned off the area with crime scene tape and investigators and coroners officials were called in to examine the skull and  look for any evidence of other skeletal remains.

No other remains were found.

"What they're going to is try and explore every avenue possible, first of all, to determine where it came from and possibly, further information into the identity of person," said APD spokesperson Phyllis Banks.

The skull was found not far from Riverside Cemetery. That's the same cemetery in which bodies were unearthed during the Flood of '94.

"It could be one of those bodies that washed up. Could be one those, which I'm hoping it is," said Berrien.

Investigators say there work crews had been digging in the area where the skull was found.

But how it ended up in a nylon bag remains a mystery. 

Officials say some of the bodies unearthed during the 1994 flood have still not been recovered. A forensic examination will determine more information, police say.

The skull will be sent to the GBI crime lab in Macon for further examination.

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