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Noles' playoff game ends in brawl, rescheduled

It's never the way you want a sporting event to end. The South Georgia Noles and Georgia Jets GDFL playoff game ended in somewhat of brawl but not between the two teams. Witnesses say some of the Jets players got into a fist fight with a referee over the score.  After a Jets touchdown in the first half, the kicker seemed to have made the extra point to make it 7-0 game.

It's hard to tell looking at the video if the kick definitely went in.  Either way the refs signaled it was good but after a brief review waived it off. However, the refs failed to tell the Jets. Then, after a South Georgia touchdown and made extra point one of the refs told the Jets the score was 7-6 not 7-7 because of their missed their extra point. That's when an argument ensued and eventually erupted into a brawl.

The police were called and the game was forfeited with the Noles getting the 7-6 win or so they thought. The league has since stepped in and was going to choose a winner by coin flip but changed its mind and now the whole game will be re-played in Dawson this Saturday night.

South Georgia head coach Ivory Williams said "I'm satisfied with the decision. It was a decision where we could have lost an ended the season on a coin toss. So anytime you have a chance to redeem yourself and play the game out right I rather play it out right. It was just a situation where I was just proud at the end that we came together as a team and got control of our guys."

The game will be replayed at the Terrell County High Stadium in Dawson on Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

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