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Phoebe can transfer more patients

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Phoebe Putney Hospital can now transport more patients who need critical care as they are being moved.

Phoebe showed off two new critical care transport units, one neonatal truck and one adult truck.

Effective Monday, there will be five trucks on the road serving southwest Georgia.

The units received 1,200 calls last year, double the number from just five years ago.

"What we actually have is mobile intensive care units, we can pretty much do for you in these trucks what we can do for you upstairs in the ICU. We have capability of having a registered nurse and registered respiratory therapist on the trucks, along with the three paramedics that go on each call," says Virgil Anderson, Critical Care Transport Supervisor.

Money raised through the Children's Miracle Network paid for the new Neonatal ambulance.

Phoebe Putney bought the other one.

Fully outfitted, each vehicle costs around a quarter of a million dollars.

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