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CRIMESTOPPERS calls dramatically increased

Albany's CRIMESTOPPERS hotline has seen a significant increase in calls since Friday's gang roundup, and they expect to pay out a large number of rewards for that information.

Now CRIMESTOPPERS is asking the community for donations to help pay those rewards and make Albany safer.

CRIMESTOPPERS is a non profit volunteer group. Most of the reward money given out for information is donated. Leaders say one way you can help fight gangs and crime in Albany is by donating to CRIMESTOPPERS to keep that reward money available.

Since Friday's crips gang roundup began in Albany, followed by Tuesday's shooting at an Albany Police Officer, CRIMESTOPPERS tip line has been ringing.

CRIMESTOPPERS board secretary Judy Randle said "The Police Department and the County Police Departments tell us there has been a drastic increase in the number of tips coming in on the CRIMESTOPPERS tip line."

And police agree that tips from the community has made a huge difference in this gang crackdown.

18:52:22 Albany Police Chief John Proctor said "I hope and pray it continues, because it would appear that they are tired of this stuff happening in their community."

The CRIMESTOPPERS board has decided to increase the amount of reward money for these vital tips.

CRIMESTOPPERS board chairman Jason Thornhill said "With the calls that are coming in, if arrests are made on several counts, yes the rewards could get substantial."

So CRIMESTOPPERS is asking the community for donations, to help keep those rewards possible.

Thornhill said "This is one avenue that people in our community can use this tool to help fight crime and keep our community safe."

Sheriff Kevin Sproul said " We'd really appreciate it, because CRIMESTOPPERS is such a vital resource for us in this community."

Law enforcement says offering reward money, and being able to stay anonymous while collecting it, will influence tipsters to call. So CRIMESTOPPERS having the money for rewards is key to the fight against gangs.

 Randle said "People ask frequently what can I do to help. This is something they can do."

CRIMESTOPPERS has paid out more than $5000 in rewards, and with community help they hope that figure will grow greatly, while the number of gang crimes in Albany shrinks.

And Albany Police Chief John Proctor says they have seen a significant drop in the number of crime calls this week, following the gang roundup.

If you would like to donate to CRIMESTOPPERS, you can send a check to P.O. Box 1912, Albany 31702, you can drop off a donation at one of the law enforcement headquarters or you can donate on line at the CRIMESTOPPERS website here.

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