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Hurricane Irene hits home for Albany Mission Change

Hurricane Irene will stay hundreds of miles away from us, but the powerful storm still hits home for Albany outreach group Mission Change.

Co-founder LaDonna Urick says "Hurricane Irene is actually going to effect the island we lived on its called  its actually going to be straight through the whole entire island."

She has many friends on that island in the Bahamas including Tom Glucksmann, a missionary she worked with there who we talked to over the internet today.

Glucksmann says, "Right now looking out my window there is this eerie light that you often get during hurricanes, and the light goes yellow."

The little island has limited transportation and shelter, many people spent years building their homes piece by piece, homes that Irene could destroy.

The Bahamas hasn't been hit by a storm as powerful as Irene since 2004, and people on the island sense the danger. Some have even resorted to safety rooms.

"We are expecting winds of over 100 miles per hour out here so we have batten down the proverbial hatches. You can tell everyone is taking this one seriously Bahamians tend to be laxed because we deal with storms a lot but a lot of shutters are up."

The island is a close knit community where people take care of one another, no one is homeless or without basics. And friends here in Albany are waiting to see what kind of help they'll need once the storm passes.

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