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Marine drug sweep catches 9

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A drug raid at MCLB Albany Wednesday, five civilian employees and three contract workers are charged with selling prescription pain killers and crack cocaine on base.

Another suspect is charged with selling marijuana at the base.

An indictment claims that for the last two and a half years., The other eight suspects conspired to distribute drugs including Vicodin, Loretab, and Lorcet and crack cocaine.

Four of those individuals were arrested on base Wednesday morning, one man was arrested off the base in Albany, and two other surrendered to authorities. Investigators are still trying to track down the other suspect charged in the case.

Word of the arrest came from Colonel Terry Williams, base commander at MCLB-Albany.

"Five civilian workers here on the installation were arrested after a year long investigation. They're all being charged with conspiracy to distribute narcotics," said Col. Terry Williams, Commanding Officer of MCLB-Albany.

None of them is a uniformed Marine, the other three are former base contract workers who no longer work on the base.

"We worked quickly with our law enforcement partners to identify, mitigate, and disrupt a significant drug network impacting the base as well as the local community of Albany," said Kevin Dodds, NCIS Special Agent in Charge.

Around 3:15 Wednesday afternoon, handcuffed and in street clothes seven appeared before the Magistrate Judge in federal court among them, Akeem Daniel, Bryan Santos, Roy Shine, Nathaniel Swan Sr., Michael Teemer, Willie Watts, and Jonathan Webb, Leon Winsberry has yet to be arrested.

"They were charged with possession with intent to distribution a controlled substance including hydrocodone and Cocaine one individual is charged with distribution of marijuana," said U.S. Attorney Michael Moore, of the Middle District of Georgia.

The U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia Michael Moore was tight lipped about exactly how the operation worked.

"Because there are other investigations ongoing we simply can't get into the specifics that you're asking for," said Moore.

We do know the drug activity was happening in the Maintenance Center and Distribution Management Center and officials sent a strong message it won't be tolerated.

"The Marine Corps has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to illegal drug activity and that includes anyone and everyone who comes aboard this installation," said Col. Williams.

U.S. Attorney Michael Moore said he's satisfied they've dealt with the drug problem at the base, but cautioned the investigation is ongoing.

We've learned this case may be far from over and there may be more indictments to come in the following months.

In a separate indictment, James Phillips is charged with selling marijuana at the Marine Base.