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Ex sheriff used deputies to supply him with marijuana

ASHBURN (WALB) - The GBI says a former south Georgia sheriff used his own deputies to remove marijuana which he supplied to a friend.

Roy Wiley resigned as Sheriff of Turner County August 12th and pleaded guilty to violating his oath of office.

Agent Craig Rotter said Wiley asked deputies to remove a small amount of marijuana used to train drug dogs and then gave it to his friend Billy McCard.

McCard's wife suffers from cancer and it was given for therapeutic purposes.

McCard was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

The deputies who retrieved the marijuana were not charged because they didn't know it was being used for illegal purposes.

A special election in November will choose a sheriff to serve out the remainder of Wiley's term.

Will lost his police officer certification. He would have to wait 2 years before appealing to have it re-instated. That measure would be left up to the state's Peace Officer Council.

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