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Digging deeper: New Congressional District Maps

Here is the Proposed map Here is the Proposed map
Here is the Current map Here is the Current map

The Congressional District Maps are out and the Second Congressional District will include another big city.

Macon will join Albany and portions of Columbus in the second congressional district.

Representative Sanford Bishop is cautiously optimistic about the new lines, and so are local officials.

Newly proposed Congressional District lines put a majority of Bibb County in the second congressional district and take out Thomas, Worth, and portions of Lowndes Counties. Some Albany leaders like the change.

"I think it's an opportunity for regional economic development," said Albany City Commission Roger Marietta.

Officials believe adding Macon to the mix may not take away from Albany, but may be the key to a new regional approach.

"We have to start thinking regional for a lot of things, recreation, transportation, jobs, recruiting businesses to this area, it can no longer be them and us it has to be we," said Albany Mayor Willie Adams.

Digging Deeper we leaned the Albany Chamber of Commerce is ahead of the curve, two years ago they started a more regional approach bringing together 25 area chambers including Macon.

"We launched two legislative agendas which focused on federal, state, and more regional issues," said Catherine Glover, Albany Area Chamber of Commerce President.

Because they say it's all in the demographic numbers. Albany and Macon's demographics are similar, and leaders hope the pairing could bring more federal money to the region.

"When it comes to federal funding when it comes to state funding it's all about numbers certainly, it's about the number of folks that will be affected with any sort of initiative the government puts forward," said Glover.

In a phone conversation today Congressman Sanford Bishop said with the maps just released and still early in the process he hasn't had a chance to review the new lines, but promises wherever his district lines are drawn, he'll do his dead-level best to represent his constituents to the best of his abilities.

Representative Sanford Bishop said during his first two terms in Congress, Macon was a part of the Second Congressional District.

The district lines are still subject to change with approval still needed from the full legislature and the Justice Department.

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