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Weaker peanut crop expected this year

DOERUN, GA (WALB) - The hot, dry summer took a toll on Georgia peanuts, but farmers still hope for good yields.

Darren Hembree said he doesn't expect a bumper crop, but irrigated peanuts should be okay.

It's a different story in dry land fields. His says his irrigation costs have nearly doubled.

That's a huge expense for him because he has more than 1,000 acres.

"It was hard to get a stand on the dry land peanuts which will be more aggravating to dig because you have different ages of peanuts," said Peanut Farmer, Darren Hembree, "It will be harder to decide when you need to dig and when they will need to come off."

Hembree hopes to start his peanut harvest by mid September.

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