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Beware of energy audit scammers

ALBANY (WALB) - Scammers could be trying to con their way inside your home.

An Albany woman got a phone call Monday afternoon from someone claiming to work for a utility company.

The caller offered her cash and savings on her power bill if she let them inspect her home.

Utility companies want you to know those callers don't represent them.

"They were offering $3,800 dollars to anyone who could let them inside their home and see if you qualified for this," said Naoma Smith.

Smith says the female caller said she was from a utility company who was offering in home energy audit inspections. The $3,800 was just one of the so called perks.

"They offered the money plus a percentage off your utility bill. And all they need to do is to come in to your home and see if you qualify," she said.

Some utility companies, like Georgia Power, do offer in home energy audits.

"The way we handle energy audits, is customers can go on our website and we have an energy auditing where they can get some high level idea about energy savings," said Georgia Power spokesman Jay Smith.

"As far as Georgia Power representatives making a cold call to do energy audits, we don't do that," he said.

While the caller never identified which utility company she represented, both Georgia Power, Water Gas & Light, and EMC officials say this isn't a part of their operation.

"When a Georgia Power officials comes to your house. Ask to see their ID's. We all carry ID's," Smith said.

Consumer watchdogs groups have warned of such scams going around throughout the country.

If you receive a call like this, contact your local utility company.

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