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We need to be prepared for Irene

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Hurricane Irene could make U.S. landfall later this week, with potential winds upwards of 120 miles per hour.

And although South Georgia may not feel the strongest part of the storm, heavy rains and strong winds could make it here.

Emergency officials say it's important to be prepared for any worst case scenario. "We recommend that people are prepared year round because as the seasons are changing the types of events change," said Thomas County Fire Chief Chris Jones.

When it comes to hurricane preparation, you need to stock up on the essentials. Water, canned food, and batteries are a must. "With the approaching storm right now we've seen a very large increase of people coming in looking at those items," said Lowe's Project Specialist Bill Ritter.

Ritter says rope can definitely come in handy. "If you had to take your tarp to put it over top of something to protect it from getting wet. Or if you had to build a link to protect yourself from getting wet."

Putting up plywood and plastic sheeting can protect the inside and outside of your home. Ritter says it is not a good idea to wait until last minute to purchase your supplies. "You wait to the last minute consequently you don't get the good stuff. You get what's left over. "

Generators can be very convenient for after a storm, but they are also very dangerous. "Keep them outside. Keep them where you don't want to have the gas lean in your house and they are a gasoline motor so you don't want to have carbon monoxide fumes building up in your house," said Ritter.

Emergency personnel say the hours immediately following a storm can be just as dangerous as the storm itself.

They say you need to be aware of your surroundings, watch for standing water, and treat every downed power line as if it is live.

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