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Handicapped fan unable to enter Cosby show

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Legendary actor and comedian Bill Cosby put on quite a show at the Albany Civic Center, but one disabled man says he didn't get to see it even though he had a ticket.

Lee Wingfield is a double amputee. He says he couldn't get inside because an SUV blocked the handicapped ramp.

Cops wrote a ticket but say they couldn't have the car towed from private property.

Wingfield says he tried to enter on the ground level, but staff told him he couldn't use the elevator because it's only for food services. He would have to pay extra to sit on the floor.

By the time supervisors got there and offered to let Wingfield in, the show had been going on almost an hour. He decided not to go in.

"They didn't call the supervisor and I've been here for two hours," said Wingfield. "What am I supposed to do? My handicapped rights have been violated."

Civic center managers say they'll discuss the issue with staffers to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.

Wingfield didn't ask for a refund since the ticket was a gift to him.

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