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Congressman hears concerns from Lowndes Co. businesses

Georgia's unemployment rate went up slightly in June. Many employers say the government doesn't make it easy for them to grow.

They took concerns about jobs to Congressman Jack Kingston Tuesday.

Some employers in Lowndes County say they're hiring but unemployment insurance is a job killer.

"One of the employers said applicants will frequently show up in flip flops and T-shirts trying to throw the interview so they won't be hired but they can check the box they tried," said Congressman Kingston.

Some employers say some of the unemployed are being paid under the table. You can have 99 weeks of unemployment benefits.

"As congress votes on extending benefits I think we need to change that," said Congressman Kingston.

From unemployment to too many conflicting regulations leave many employers frustrated.

"You almost get in trouble when you loan money," said Jeff Hanson. "You get in trouble if you don't."

Jeff Hanson of Southwest Georgia Bank says they have several employees just trying to keep up on the different bulletins from entities like state banking agencies, the federal reserve and the FDIC.

"That's not what we want to be doing," said Hanson. "We want to be loaning money, helping small businesses grow and hiring our own people."

Jack Kingston says some solutions to a tough economy include regulation reform to drilling our own oil.

"If we could just bring gas down a dollar that would be a huge economic boom," said Kingston.

Some 60 folks voiced their struggles to Congressman Kingston. He'll take their concerns with him to Capitol Hill.

Congressman Kingston says to he'd also like to simplify the tax code so people and businesses don't have to spend so much money to comply with complex rules.

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