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Falsely arrested man settles with City

Michael Johnson Michael Johnson
Johnson's attorney Jim Finkelstein Johnson's attorney Jim Finkelstein

An Albany man agrees to settle his lawsuit against the city of Albany for false arrest and imprisonment. Michael Johnson will receive $3,000.

APD Detective William Dale Henry arrested Johnson in September 2008 for an assault on a woman, even though the attacker was described as 5-feet 7-inches tall. Johnson is 6-4.

Johnson's attorney Jim Finkelstein said police left Johnson in jail even after they discovered the mistake.

"There was nothing in common, no reason to confuse the two. Once the investigating officer knew that he had the wrong guy, he still left my client in jail until the next day when he finally got around to calling the magistrate, and said 'Hey, we've arrested the wrong man. Please release him.'"

Finklestein was appealing a magistrate judge's verdict last year that denied Johnson any monetary award when the city decided to settle the case.


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