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Blame the weather for bugs?

Have you noticed more creepy, crawly bugs in and around your home than usual? Exterminators tell us the last month has been one of the most "bug active" periods they can remember-- and the weather is to blame.

Recent afternoon showers, following months of drought, created a "perfect storm" for bugs; more intense they have seen in decades. They say they are working overtime hours fighting them.

 Ants and cockroaches, are usually bad this time of year. But even the most experienced insect pros say this year is the worst they can remember.

 "Almost 15 years, and it's probably the busiest summer we've had at Adams," said Adams Exterminators General Manager David Reed.

Their exterminators are working overtime, spraying homes to keep all kind of critters out.

 "From occasional invaders, with ear wigs and ants Argentine ants, fire ants. We've been having a lot of flea calls this year," Reed said.

After months of drought, the frequent rain showers have bugs on the move.

"After we get all these evening rains and thundershowers and things like that, they are coming out and being a lot more active."

And they are busy exploring for ways to get inside your home. Exterminators say you need to check for voids around pipes and wires where they can crawl. Cut the shrubs and tree limbs back so they don't touch your home, and move your garbage can away from your home. It doesn't matter how clean your home is, bugs can and will get in.

"Something that is not sealed off, a window is not shut. A little crack in a doorway, anything of that nature."

And any damage that holds moisture can quickly breed termites. So exterminators stay busy spraying, as the battle with the bug heats up across South Georgia.

Exterminators say the bugs are always with us in South Georgia. This year's quickly changing weather pattern, it seems, has all of them on the move at once. And everyone's home is at risk.

And it is a big health risk. Exterminators say cockroaches are one of the world's leading causes of allergies, especially for children.


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