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Police warn neighbors of A/C bandits on the prowl

Another warning from police urges people to protect property after several more air conditioners were stolen over the weekend.

They encourage people to spray paint copper through the A/C vents or even install metal fences around the units. An Alarm system would also alert the company if anyone were to cut the wires. 

The theft problem is especially bad at foreclosed houses and other empty homes. Officers say owners need to keep an eye on them.

They may have a lot of property and may only be able to check once or twice, but we're asking if they cannot remove their units to please come their properties and check," said General Theft Unit Detective, Schemika Foster.

According to the Multiple Listings Service (MLS), 190 vacant homes are for sale in Albany. At this rate, it's still lower than this time last year but not by much.


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