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ABAC students return to class

The fall semester is officially underway on ABAC's campus in Tifton.

Freshmen like Lacy Stephens and Ben Bennett are making the transition to college life.

"I'm just excited for it. I'm ready to go. I'm so excited," said Stephens.

"I was a little nervous because I didn't know what's going to happen but it was a lot of fun and I'm really excited about it," said Bennett.

Enrollment at ABAC is up, especially returning student enrollment.

Even with rising tuition and fee costs, ABAC President David Bridges says a college education is too valuable to pass up.

"College graduates earn more, more often than not. They have a better life. So at the end of the day we think those who are educated with a college education are going to be better than those who aren't," said President Bridges.

Stephens and Bennett both have scholarships but encourage those who are debating to attend college to go.

"I do think it's worth the money because if you have a college education you can start out in a higher paying job than if you didn't have a college education," said Stephens.

"Anytime you get an education you can better yourself and I'm all about bettering yourself and doing better than you have before," said Bennett.

Both freshmen say they're looking forward to the college experience.

"I love meeting people so I'm looking forward to meeting people and just having the friendly opportunity of meeting people and getting involved on campus," said Stephens.

"I look forward to all the different opportunities I'm going to get, all of the different people I'm going to meet and all of the professors I'm going to work with," said Bennett.

ABAC also set a record for students living on campus with 38% staying in the dorms.

ABAC is well represented with students from 24 different countries, 20 different states and 150 of Georgia's 159 counties are represented on campus.

The average high school GPA for ABAC students is a record 3.27.


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