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Darton College reaches new generation of students

Darton College is working to find better ways to reach a new generation of students.

Teachers and administrators hope using more technology will boost student success as well as retention and graduation rates.

In order for a generation accustomed to texting and Facebook, to be successful academically, teachers must find a more stimulating way to teach, rather than the traditional lecture method.

"You have to understand the things that they do, so you can do a better job teaching them," says Dr. Peter Sireno, Darton College President.

Dr. Sireno challenges teachers to learn how to speak their student's language.

"We use technology to a large extent to help students learn," says Sireno.

Teachers are changing their teaching methods to help their students comprehend the lessons that are being taught.

"I feel like I have the ability, as well as other faculty member to be able to connect with our students on an everyday basis, what are their daily concerns and be able to apply the material they learn in class to what they will actually use in the workforce," says Shani Clark, Assistant Communications Professor.

Clark said she has had to reorganize the way she teaches, in order to quickly facilitate learning.

"With students being more computer savvy they are interested in current information, we want to make sure we interact with them in a way that keeps their attention," says Clark.

And students agree, saying reading a textbook is boring.

"I like looking at my computer more than flipping through a textbook," says Sylinder Smith, Darton student.

Students today find reading a book too time consuming, they would rather surf the web.

"It is easier for me to learn because it is quick and easy to find information, you do not have to search for it, it is just, type it in, and find it," says Smith.

Which is why Darton's President says several student retention initiatives were added this year, including the use of Facebook, twitter, and blast emails.

Darton College's Online Division continues to grow. More than 3,000 students took online classes last year.

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