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Owner of 14 dogs has neighbors complaining

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Rodney Harris is a retired K9 police Officer in Lee County who has a soft spot for four-legged creatures.

"I've always loved animals, like I say that guy with the sign that says will work for food it wouldn't bother me none, but I cannot stand to see an animal with his head stuck in the chicken box."

Harris owns 14 dogs that he's rescued from various situations and he feels like they're his children.

Neighbors have complained about all the dogs and Harris says deputies visited him several times recently. They tell him he needs to fence and leash his dogs. But he says caring for the animals is his calling.

And he is willing to fight for his animals.

"If they want a showdown I show them a showdown and I'm not getting rid of my dogs."

Harris says he wants to follow the law and he plans to find ways to raise money to help him build a fence.

If you would like to help out please contact WALB or contact Mr. Harris at 229-894-7431.

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