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Redistricting plan pits veteran lawmakers against each other

A Republican state redistricting plan would put the only two Democratic senators left in south Georgia in the same district.

The map expands the 12th district, represented by Freddie Powell Sims, to include the part of Sumter County where George Hooks lives.

South Georgia will lose some representation because of population loss. Hooks says he'll fight to keep as many south Georgia seats as possible, especially those represented by veteran lawmakers with a history of standing up for this region. "Reapportionment is never pretty. I've been through this will be my sixth time, and they're always contentious. Yes, it will be contentious, but we'll be in the ditches fighting for south Georgia," Hooks said. 

Hooks says this proposal is just the beginning of the process, and he hopes the map that ultimately gets approved won't have him and Sen. Sims in the same district. He pointed out the maps that the state currently uses were drawn by a federal judge after a long legal battle.

Hooks doesn't think Republicans targeted Democrats. He says the options for new lines are limited here in south Georgia where population is dropping. 

The Republican proposal would also put two veteran state representatives, Bob Hanner from Parrot and Gerald Greene from Cuthbert, in the same district.  They are Republicans who recently switched from the Democratic party. 

You can check out the maps here:

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